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Sri Lanka is one of the world’s foremost tourist destinations. The beauty of this little island paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean is beyond compare. Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as “the finest island of its size in the world”. It’s amazing how so much of diversity could fit into a little island of 65, 610 sq km. Experience countless wonders such as the palm fringed golden beaches and beautiful coral reefs, a rich cultural heritage spanning over 2500 years, the exotic mountain landscape with its winding roads, numerous waterfalls and tea plantations, the exhilarating wild life, the evergreen rain forests and plenty more. Adding more colour to this exciting destination is the sumptuous local cuisine, exciting shopping destinations and the unforgettable hospitality of the friendly Sri Lankan people.

hamilton beach villa

At Hamilton Beach Villa, be one with the vast blue ocean as it glistens in the sun, the cool breeze that entangles in your hair and know your feet can’t wait to play with the waves. A beautiful secluded beach-front luxury villa set amidst the natural splendor of sea, sand and sunset; the perfect hideout for a serene and relaxing getaway. 

There’s plenty to do here; stroll on miles of golden beach, take a dip in the pool or watch the gorgeous Indian Ocean seated on the open verandah of the villa. You can also go boating, sea bathing, and fishing or just watch the fishing nets been drawn in with its fresh catch for the day. For the more daring there are plenty of water sports to indulge in or take a relaxing boat ride down the Hamilton Canal which stretches all the way from the Muthurajawala Bird Sanctuary to the sacred temple of Kelaniya.

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